Tim Fitzgerald
• Medical & Scientific Illustrator •
• The Artwork •
Can’t find the right words to communicate your work? Well, what about pictures instead? Each gallery contains artwork that may be relevant to your needs. Feel free to browse, take notes, and get inspired to collaborate on something beautiful for you. The styles, colors, and level of detail can all be adjusted for custom projects, but the first step is to start a conversation.
• The General Workflow •
To simply put it: contemplate, collaborate, and create. The conversations may occur over email or the phone, but the end goal is always the same: to make sure your artwork meets everyone's requirements and expectations. After all, this isn't just art, this is the visual communication of your work.
• The Northern Southerner •
Scientific illustrator, biomedical visualizer, drawer of insides, & northern southerner.

I'm Tim Fitzgerald, a medical and scientific illustrator. I completed my undergraduate studies at New Jersey City University (NJCU), earning both a BFA in Illustration and minor in Biology. Afterwards, I continued my education by pursuing the medical illustration graduate program through Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). The program offered invaluable experiences: illustrating live surgeries within the operating room, dissecting cadavers to gain a strong understanding of human anatomy, and working closely with a research lab to produce visuals to accompany their work. I even completed extra courses in immunology, histology, and human pathophysiology.

If you have complex research, surgeries, medical films or anything else, then I can help you prepare the best visual solution to meet your needs. I'm passionate about problem solving and learning new topics, so don't hold back on discussing your work with me. My goal is to visually communicate your complicated medical and scientific information to advance public health and education.

When I'm not working, I'm outside; I love a good hike. Otherwise, I'm either at the gym, expanding my antique camera collection, or cooking up something great in the kitchen.
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